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FIND US: The Wheatsheaf, Hever Road,
Bough Beech, Kent TN8 7NU

ENQUIRIES: 01732 700100
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Meet the team

Head Chef – David Fuller

Raised on the Sussex coast, David developed a passion for food through travelling and living in countries as diverse as Malaysia, Australia, Jordan and France. With his imagination ignited by tasting some of the world’s great flavours, David spent some time working with acclaimed chefs such as Garry Hollihead, Dean Bouvet and José Cau. In David’s menus at The Wheatsheaf, these influences are combined with the finest ingredients to create innovative dishes that bring local, seasonal produce to life.

Front of House

Our enthusiastic front of house team is led by manager David Hayward, and we take pride in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that stays with you long after you leave The Wheatsheaf. Since reopening in 2014, we’ve made The Wheatsheaf a place that we’re proud to work in and you’re proud of visiting time and time again, delighting you on every occasion.

Have any of our staff members stood out for you? Drop us a line and we’ll make sure we pass on your praise.

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